Tips on How to Cash Out after Playing at Microgaming Casino

You must have made a deposit via Neteller and/or have Neteller as your preference for payment

1. Always play in a positive mood, and never think or say that you must win. That will be a down fall for you to lose for sure.
2. Always play for entertainment, and to relax, have some fun. Winning is a Bonus!
3. Play within your means, not betting over your set limits for play
4. When playing, start with a deposit you are comfortable with.
5. Enjoy your preferred games while you are online.
6. If you have reached your goal, cash out.
7. Get the transaction number, and then go to main lobby
8. Click on banking, it will bring you back and shows reverse.
9. Click on instant withdrawal, and follow the information it shows (you want neteller, acct, etc)
10. Then click finish and wait for it to process. Then it is instantly there in neteller for you to use.
11. Spend wisely!
The minimum is $250 and the max is $2500 for instant, and the balance will follow into neteller the next day.


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